Happy thanksgiving everyone

Happy thanksgiving everyone from the Cherenfant family to you all 🍁🦃
I’m thankful for them
Create the life you always dream of.
create the family you never had.
life is much more happier that way. I’m bless to have them in my life. I’m thankful #happyholidays #happythanksgivng #familyphotoshoot #lovingyourself #youngmom #happiness #confidence #bossbae #bosswoman #youtubeblack #smallyoutubersupport #fashionbloger
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1. YOU HAVING FUN TOGETHER: Your kids need to see that marriage is more than just having a roommate and doing life together. They need to see you having fun together and wanting to spend time together.
2.YOU STILL DATING ONE ANOTHER: One of the best things you can do for your kids is let them see that your marriage is the most important relationship you have on this earth.
3.YOU BEING AFFECTIONATE: When kids see mom and dad hugging, holding hands, and kissing, they feel security and love at home.
4.YOU PRAISING ONE ANOTHER: Your kids need to hear you praising one another and being one another’s biggest cheerleader.
5.YOU WORKING THROUGH A PROBLEM: Problems are a part of life and your children will learn how to handle them by seeing how you work through them. Sweeping problems under the rug or losing 6.control in an argument is not what they need to see.
YOU PRACTICING WHAT YOU PREACH: Children learn 1000 times more from what you do and the example you set, than they ever will from what you tell them. Model the values and integrity you want them to have.
7.YOU DEPENDING ON GOD. Your kids need to see (not just hear) that God is a part of your marriage. They need to hear you talking about Him, see you reading about Him and depending on him.
“It’s essential that your children see you as husband and wife, not just mom and dad. Your children’s first marriage experience is your own marriage. Make their experience wonderful.” ~ “10 Ways To A Stronger Marriage” book

Our favorite place to shop

Who love to shop? we all do right, I thought so, what’s your favorite place to shop? for my family and I we shop at Walmart for all of our foods products and toys.








but for our house essentials we go to target. anything for kids is exactly where we go we got a lot of goodies that daddy was not approve of but we convinced him but honestly target have affordable clothing for the kids to wear we got a few items I did a haul on everything we got there. I usually go to target just to walk around, get out of the house for some quiet time, but now I’m starting to love going there for everything, I glad my husband come along this time usually he stay home while I spend some time with the kids somewhere that’s is not our house. is it me or is target always quiet when you there?








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